Who are we?

In August of 2021, our owner with a degree in Business Management and a professional background that included construction and operations management launched North River Home Services as a company focused on privacy. Our services includes fences and window tint, while taking on numerous other projects.

While taking what we had learned through our tremendous growth in our first year, we decided it was best to have specific area focused professionals who are more geared towards a specific industry. This restructure meant turning North River Home Services into a management company of multiple industry focused companies.

With this new structure, North River Fence, LLC and Brush Hour Paint, LLC were born. As of August of 2022, we also determined that window tinting was not a market that was beneficial for our professionals to continue in.

As we continue to grow, we would like to thank our past and future custoemrs. We also would like any previous customer to know, that regardless of the service performed, we will also honor our warranty. We are also excited to be able to focus more on the industries we are gearing towards.